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The 1912 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: The Cabinets

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We partnered with Bellmont Kitchen Cabinet Co. to bring you this post.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, we bought our 106-year-old home almost 3 years ago and after spending the first year remodeling a tiny guesthouse on our property (an insanely challenging undertaking we called The Micro-Dwelling Project), we turned out attention to our main kitchen.

Our historic home was in immaculate condition when we bought it and fortunately the kitchen was the only thing that needed updating.  The cabinets were at least 50 years old, the vinyl flooring from the 60’s, and even the oven was from the 1940’s (and still worked like a charm by the way!  We’ve hung on to it for a future project).  For a view of the original kitchen and the demolition process, see The 1912 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: The Demolition.

We’ve now come full circle and wanted to feature the most critical part of our kitchen remodel:  The cabinets.

We wanted quality cabinets whose style fit the time period of our home while simultaneously providing a modern farmhouse look.  Our kitchen is a very challenging one because of its layout:  It has a door on three of the four walls and a large window on the fourth.  We needed the space to be designed with maximum efficiency and utility in mind.  Fortunately we had an exceptionally skilled kitchen designer and the full breadth of customizations available through Bellmont Kitchen Co. made our vision possible.

Todd going over our kitchen designs before finalizing our Bellmont cabinets.

In our initial “reveal” post we mentioned that we purchased our cabinets from the Bellmont Cabinet Co.  Based in Sumner, WA, Bellmont is family owned and operated and has been in business for over 30 years, dedicated to product innovation, functionality, and timeless & trend setting styles.  Bellmont has won multiple awards and specializes in the highest quality frameless cabinets on the market, featuring greater interior storage capacity, unobstructed openings, and wider drawers with the clean crisp look of flush-fitting full-overlay doors and drawers.

We had used their 1600 series cabinets in our guesthouse.   For our main kitchen we upgraded to their highest line, the 1900 series, with a plywood construction along with a several other upgrades.  The vast selection of cabinet styles and finishes is almost dizzying but we already knew what we wanted:  We wanted a simple shaker style to fit the original time period of our farmhouse and chose Pasadena.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Here is the original kitchen:

This is what we were left with after the demolition:

(1960’s brick vinyl flooring over 1930’s linoleum and green paint on the shiplap to match – awesome!)

This was our second experience installing kitchen cabinets by ourselves, the first time having been our guesthouse.  The process was straightforward and everything went pretty smoothly.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

We did the entire remodel ourselves, including installing the hardwood flooring.

We had our Bellmont cabinets made to accommodate an apron copper sink.  We also had Bellmont make a custom cabinet panel for our dishwasher (to the right of the sink).

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Our kitchen island was also custom made for us by Bellmont to accommodate our butcher block top.  Sturdily built with strong legs, the cabinet holds over 200 pounds of butcher block!

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Let’s take a look at some more of the details.

Made of plywood construction with dovetailing, the 1900 series is solid and built to last.

We got the bottom cabinets with adjustable legs which made leveling the cabinets a breeze (versus having to use shims).  That was especially helpful in light of the fact that our 106-year-old floors are not perfectly level.

The cabinet hardware is made in Germany and Italy and the upgraded adjusters under the drawers allow you to adjust the drawer faces so they’re flush as well as enable the horizontal and vertical alignment to be adjusted.

We opted for as many large and spacious drawers as possible.  They not only create a more modern look to the kitchen but make more efficient use of space.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

We also opted for several pull-out drawers which are such a great feature, allowing full and easy access to the full depth of the cabinets.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Our cabinets from Bellmont included a lazy Susan in the corner next to our double ovens which makes what otherwise would largely have been wasted space fully accessible and usable.

On a side note, I recently learned an interesting tidbit:  It was Thomas Jefferson who invented the lazy Susan!

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

The cabinet above our ovens has dividers for cookie sheets, baking molds and cutting boards.  This is just another example of the many customizations Bellmont offers.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Bellmont has so many cool options, not even a quarter of which we had room in our kitchen to utilize.  One of the options we chose for two of drawers – one by the sink and one by the cooktop – are their flatware and utensil inserts.  On the left you can see that there are two layers, there’s a sliding drawer that allows access to top and bottom where we put our casual and formal flatware.  On the right is the drawer next to our cooktop where you can put ladles, spoons, spatulas, knives, etc.  These drawers are awesome!

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

Another really cool feature is the floor to ceiling pull-out cabinet between the wall and the fridge.  The hardware is made in Germany and the construction is solid.  It’s the perfect cabinet for bins and large jars of food and it’s also where we keep our (large) stash of vitamins and supplements, canisters of protein powder as well as Huxley’s (our coonhound) bags of food.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

We also ordered our crown moldings from Bellmont, which Todd cut and installed himself.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

We are very happy with our new kitchen and absolutely love our cabinets from Bellmont!

We’ve used Bellmont cabinets for two separate projects already and for quality, price, and selection we highly recommend them.

For more information, visit Bellmont Cabinet Co.

bellmont kitchen cabinets review remodel diy custom frameless

We partnered with Bellmont Kitchen Cabinet Co. to bring you this post.  

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  1. Love the island you created! I would love to replicate this in my own kitchen. What are the dimensions of your island?

  2. The blog post was very helpful and the pictures of the cabinets and the kitchen remodeling that was focused on cabinets was the best element in the whole blog. You are doing a great job by sharing such blogs. Keep doing it.

  3. Love the look of your kitchen, but am wondering if you like the layout now that you’ve been in it for a few months. It appears the location of the appliances is similar to original. Personally I would have swapped the location of the stove and your double ovens. I don’t think I would like them on opposite sides of such a large space, especially with an island in between. I’m thinking pot filling, etc. Hope it’s working for you though! It is a beauty!

    1. Hi Marianna, thank you! No it definitely doesn’t follow the ideal “triangle” workspace which in a fast-paced restaurant setting would pose a challenge, but honestly is no problem at all for the home cook. At least it isn’t for me. I’ve got all my ingredients from the fridge and pantry laid out on my island for prep work and all I have to do is turn around to use the cooktop and then take two steps to the left to put something in the oven. Design-wise, our kitchen was a very challenging room to work with, with a door on three walls and a large window on the fourth wall. Our kitchen designer has been specializing in historic kitchens for over 40 years and when we sat down to discuss the options there was very little wiggle room for logistical appliance placement. You’d really have to see it in person to understand. Had there been other options, would we have done things a little differently? Quite possibly. Fortunately though the layout works great for me, I don’t even think twice about it.

  4. Once again, it was a great pleasure working with you and Todd to bring your vision to reality.
    For those of you considering a kitchen remodel and wanting to achieve results such as theirs – connect with a kitchen design professional that will be attentive to your ideas while also having the solution skills and products that can provide the solutions.

  5. I have a huge farm kitchen (15×22 feet) with a walk in pantry but I really wish I had white cabinets and I would kill for that copper farm sink you have and your lighting!!

  6. This is absolutely stunning!! I love, LOVE the cabinets and the organization and the drawer inserts and island and sink and everything else about your kitchen! <3