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    • Thanks, Des! I’ve always been a history buff myself. I ended up going into marriage and family therapy for grad school, which adds a whole other interesting dimension to the subject; in addition to the historical connections to food there’s also the psychological element – all thoroughly fascinating!

    • Thanks so much, Katerina! 🙂 I agree, the more I see of today’s trophy kitchens, as nice as they are, the more I long for those early days of simple comforts!

  1. It’s where my mom taught me to cook, and I learned to dance the dance that is too many people in a small space with hot things! It’s learning at my grandma’s side that magic is real when egg whites and hot sugar syrup mix to make the sweet clouds of divinity she was famous for. It’s home, and feeding my family, knowing many aren’t as fortunate as we are.

  2. Looking at these illustrations took me way back to my maternal grandmother’s house in upstate NY, where she had a huge coal stove and a small kerosene stove. She used the latter for cooking. I’ve had kitchens from several eras over my lifetime, and have always loved antique kitchen tools. Never had a trophy kitchen and that’s fine, because one doesn’t need a fancy kitchen to cook well… 🙂

    • I love antique kitchen tools as well, Susan, and have a few of them that I gathered overseas in Europe. I’ve never had anything close to a trophy kitchen either, it just isn’t really “me”. I love old, vintage things. In fact, we’ve just bought (moving in a few weeks) a gorgeous fully restored 1912 home on acreage (almost all original and in immaculate condition – soft fir floors, leaded glass, wainscoting, bay windows, wooden beams, built-ins, etc) – and one of the walls in the kitchen is all original brick where a fireplace and coal stove stood with a neat original wooden door pantry. The cabinets are still original. The kitchen looks like something Julia Child would have used. It’s so neat. I plan on keeping all the cabinets and as much original in the kitchen as possible and add some updates around it while preserving the vintage charm. I love thinking about the history of that kitchen and home and all that went on inside of it. I’ll be writing some blog posts about the home and property once we get settled.

  3. My kitchen means love and devotion! It is were I show my love to my family and were we gather to share our lives!

  4. Oh, man. The 70s weren’t a good time for anything related to style. 😉 This was a fun read! It’s weird how I spend most of my day in the kitchen but never really thought about this. Where’s your kitchen, though?! We want to see!

  5. The American Kitchen to me is like the heart of the home. It is where meals are made with love and care. It is also where family can come together to work and share in laughter and brings back memories from when you were little and cooked with your mom or other adult. 

  6. American Kitchen means a place with tools that can help my family create wonderful meals that nourish our bodies. A place where my family can create warm and happy memories together.
    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  7. The American kitchen is the immigration of your family history through food, conversation, and all the wonderful memories that go with it. It’s where I watched and learned from my mother how to make ebelskivers from her Danish heritage and serve up a plate of sauerkraut from my father’s Austrian ancestry. It has left the lasting impression of my wonderful mother and how food encompasses every tradition that I fondly remember.

  8. Our home is not a home without our kitchen! Everything happens there. Warmth and gathering and feeding body and soul and building relationships and creating memories–all roles our kitchen plays!

  9. A walk down memory lane. My grandmothers, my mom and their kitchens. I’ve only seen, in photos one of my great grandmothers and her kitchen. But the best part of the kitchen were always the people in it and the fun they were cooking up! Thank you for the article. It was enjoyable.

  10. We recently purchased a single wide trailer in the woods so we could downsize our life.We gutted everything except the walls and floors. Our new cabinets came from a home being demolished, or sink came from an old farmhouse and along with a new countertop and appliances it truly reflects my style.

  11. The American kitchen means the place where family and friends get together, at the end of a long day or holidays/events, to relax and enjoy meals and conversation. The favorite place to hang out in the house.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  12. The American Kitchen means a place where all my 5 senses go crazy. The best place in the house for amazing smells, tastes, textures, sounds, and sights.

  13. To me, The American Kitchen is a place of warmth, where a big family or just one person can be just to relax and enjoy what is created there. It is not so much about the fancy appliances or the perfect kitchen, it is about life. I grew up and the most used room in the house was the kitchen. I carried that tradition into my own life. I raised four children to adulthood and the kitchen was where we shared our days, did homework, cried tears of frustration over certain things that happened in our daily lives, we shared the good and bad over the kitchen table. It was where we gathered when there were tragedies, where we could give solace to each other. It was also where the kids learned their table manners. Now that it is just hubby and I, it is still a place where we spend most of our time, me baking/cooking and doing blog stuff, yup the computer is in the kitchen. Hubby keeps me company reading or doing his numerous crossword puzzles. When the children come home, we congregate in the kitchen just like all those years ago. Thank you.

  14. LOVE seeing the changes over the years! Such a great post- thanks! I love my kitchen, it seems to be the place everyone is in more than any other room in our house. Cleaning, making messes, then cleaning again. Food brings everyone together!

  15. The American Kitchen is a place where memories are made, where stories are shared, and where love is reinforced. Food has always been a central feature complementing the most important events in life (holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc). This makes the American Kitchen a central feature of American life as well.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  16. My kitchen has no definite time period to identify it. Some early 70’s, some DIY, some much more modern, but it’s full of love and memories

  17. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together. It’s where dinner is made, kids learn to cook, lunches are prepped, Christmas cookies are baked, and family and friends come together!

  18. My meaning of an American Kitchen is a gathering place place for families to talk about their days, share stories and of course eat. We share a meal around our old table just about every night of the week and I feel people have forgotten what this is and how important it is to the strength and stability of a family. Many of the principles I learned growing up are very important to me and I hope to pass them on for generations to come.

  19. The kitchen is the place where our family gathers for conversation and nourishment over a wonderful meal that we prepared together.

  20. The American kitchen used to be a place where families met up each night and morning and shared a meal together. Today, it is more of a pass thru on your way to somewhere. It makes me sad.

  21. to me, the American kitchen means a place where I look forward to spending quality time with my family- where we sit together, converse & enjoy a meal or even cook together #SweepstakesEntry


  22. #SweepstakesEntry – comment

    I feel the American Kitchen is the most important room in a house for the family as
    it is where we all grow. Not just growing from eating nutritious food prepared in the kitchen but growing (closer) as a family & individuals as we come together to eat, relax, converse & work on projects.


  23. The american kitchen means to me a place to cook food from the heart. It’s a place for family members to gather just to sit and talk and catch up. it’s a place for families to sit and eat a home cooked meal together.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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