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    • Natalie Loftus says

      Susan, I made it earlier this week and it’s incredible! My family LOVED it. They’ve requested it again for this week. I also made her homemade enchilada sauce which I agree is a must. SO good.

        • Natalie says

          Pam, I did. Of course you can use any chicken broth for this stew but I just really love Aneto. Their paella broths are sooooo good. I use the Valencian paella and seafood paella recipes on this blog, they’re my go-to recipes for paella and they use Aneto’s paella broths. Aneto’s broths are definitely pricey but for the quality of the ingredients and the method they use for making them, I feel they’re worth it. There’s a really good article on this blog all about how the broths are made, I think she links to it in this recipe post. Sorry, I’m rambling, lol :) She gives a link to the store locater in this blog post where you can look up which stores in your state carries Aneto broths. That’s how I found mine. She also links to the Aneto broths on Amazon. I usually buy the broths at my local store because Aneto’s broths are considerably more expensive on Amazon than what they sell for in the stores. But sometimes they sell the chicken broth in six-pack bundles and those are a better deal and more comparable to the store prices, so I’ll often buy those on Amazon when they have them.

  1. Robbi Marion says

    I so enjoy authentic Mexican foods, and this dish looks amazing. All the varieties of garnishes are so inviting I can see myself on a cold winter day preparing and cooking this dish! Off to my Mexican store in the Westend of Winnipeg for some of the ingredients.

  2. Terri Fielding says

    This was absolutely delicious! I made it exactly as written including the homemade enchilada sauce. I added some arbol peppers to it because I like a bit of heat. The stew was incredibly flavorful and I look forward to having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you!

  3. Cami Weyland says

    Kimberly, OMG this was SO delicious! I made your enchilada sauce (used the red chilies you recommended, they’re awesome) and made this for my family for dinner tonight. I was the star of the evening, lol :) We all loved it! Keep these delicious recipes coming!

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