Chili in a Pumpkin 1

Chili In A Pumpkin

Growing up my mom would make some fabulous meals inside of pumpkins during the Autumn season.   It was always fun to lift off the lid and scoop the food out along with some of that beautiful orange pumpkin flesh.  I've adopted the tradition in my own family and this year … Continue reading →

homemade chili taco seasoning mix recipe

Homemade Chili & Taco Seasoning Mix

Leave the store bought seasoning pouches on the shelf.  Not only is this homemade version free of any fillers and MSG, it tastes better! Use this Homemade Chili and Taco Seasoning Mix exactly as you would the store bought stuff in any recipe that calls for it.  It takes … Continue reading →

beef pepper stew recipe bell peppers onions

Beef and Pepper Stew

As much as I love the Summer I'm always ready for the Fall by the time it rolls around with its dip in temperature.  That's in part because I can start cooking those wonderful cool weather comfort dishes, like hot stews.  Here's a beef stew with a delicious depth of flavor … Continue reading →

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Daring Gourmet Getaways: Alexis Hotel, Seattle

All pictures taken by The Daring Gourmet.  (Exceptions:  The two bedroom photos courtesy Alexis Hotel) Location!  Location!  Location!  We've all seen those words slapped onto real estate flyers but they're especially applicable here. Smack dab in the heart of Seattle, … Continue reading →