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Chicken Piccata

This classic Italian dish is a prime example that something super quick and easy can be tantalizingly delicious.  Chicken is sliced very thinly then seasoned, dredged in flour, fried crispy golden and served with a tangy lemon-wine-butter-caper sauce made from the pan … Continue reading →

Westin Portland Hotel Review

Daring Gourmet Getaways: Westin Portland, Oregon

My mom and I recently took a trip down to Portland, Oregon for a girls' weekend getaway.  Choosing a hotel was an easy decision.  After the great experience my husband and I had at the Westin Bellevue, I was eager to try the Westin Portland.  We couldn't have picked a better … Continue reading →


Old-fashioned Beef Stew

It's not hard to make an excellent beef stew, but it's easy to make a mediocre one.  There are a few basics tricks to achieving that depth of flavor that all beef stews strive for and I'm going to share those with you in today's tutorial! … Continue reading →

Asian wheat berry salad recipe healthy vegetables teriyaki chinese

Asian Wheat Berry Salad

Dooooooon't skip over this recipe! Look, I know what you're thinking.  Normally I would think the same thing:  "Wheat berries.  Ummm.  Boring."  But so help me, I'll be had if you make this, try it and don't like it.  Change the name if it makes it more appealing to you. … Continue reading →